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We love providing gamers around the world with amazing armies.

Here you will get  professional service, friendly approach and attention to your specific needs and ideas for the project. At Neon Forge Studio we're all about forging long term relationship with customers.

Let's have a chat about your next amazing army. Mail us, find us on Facebook, or fill the Request a quote form.

WH40K Yvraine YnnariAoS Lord Of ChangeWH40K Harlequins Army Commission

concept + QUOTE

Mail us and describe your order. We respond with a quote and time to finish the project.

We can also set up a call on Skype,  Gmail,  Facebook etc. if you prefer.

PURCHASE + assembly

We proceed with purchasing the minis and assembling them. You can also send us assembled minis to be painted.


Every coupfle of days you receive photo updates of painting process. You can see if we're doing fine with meeting the concept.

When done, you'll get a nice set of photos of the minis.


Minis are packaged extremely securely and arrive in two-three weeks globally.

Initial Design

We're happy to help and lend our creativity in designing colour scheme.

Final concept

General paint scheme you choose can be modified further.

Finished army

First you see a demo mini. You can still change it (eg. pink to purple on tail wings you see on the photo).

Then you get the finished army.


Please visit galleries of various armies we painted. Most of those are Tournament Level commissions.

Tzeentch Chaos Daemons Army CommissionSlaanesh Chaos Daemons Army CommissionTzeentch Chaos Daemons Army CommissionIron Warriors ArmyCraftworld Eldar Army CommissionHarlequin ArmyHarlequin ArmyImperial KnightsSpace Wolves Army CommissionTyranid army commissionTyranid army commission

assembly + BASING + PAINTING

Quotes you see are estimates. Each project is unique and the price depends on many different aspects. Mail us as much details as you can, and we will give you a quote.
Tabletop painting level: one layer of color transition, basic details.
Best used for: large units of small models, like 50 troops.
Tournament level: multiple layers of color transitions, extreme highlights, careful detail, weathering, OSL, hot gun barrel effects, glowing runes, etc.
Best used for: elites, HQ models, vehicles.


10 Troops
50 Troops
10 Elites
20 Elites


Jetbike, Cavalry
Large Vehicle
Imperial Knight



How can I contact you and explain my idea for army paint scheme?

Mail us at neonforgestudio@gmail.com, find us on Facebook and message there. We respond quickly. We will also be happy to have a call with you on Skype, Gmail, Messanger etc.

Our experience is customers are happier about end result if we have a call once in a while and discuss how the project is going, decide together what's best course of action to take. Should this daemon's head have awesome OSL effect, or be dripping with blood?

Painter leading your project will be personally contacting you. Contact is very direct and no information is lost.

Can you purchase models for me?

Yes, and we prefer to do it instead of painting minis you send. First of all, we get really good discounts from our partner shop. Secondly, it will be quite expensive for you to send all the minis to us. Thirdly, minis sent to us sometimes arrive broken, or may be incorrectly primed, or assembled completely. It's better for us to paint subassemblies.

Wil my minis arrive safely?

Always. We have a special packing method to ensure safe trip for your minis. Even minis like Warhammer 40K Yncarne are delivered across the ocean with no harm.

Do your quotes include custom charges?

No. Paying custom fees and any other charges imposed by the destination country is done by you, the customer.

What's the minimum order size?

This depends on the mini that you'd like to have painted, but usually 250 USD.

How will I be updated about progress on commission?

We send update every couple of days to your email address. We either send photos or short videos, which can show a mini from different sides and in different shading.

Can you repaint painted minis?

Yes. This however requires additional work to strip from old paint and primer, clean thoroughly.

Can you help me paint on my own?

Yes. We can offer 1 on 1 tutition. Contact us for details :)


Mail us at neonforgestudio@gmail.com describing your dream army. Provide unit list, your ideas for paint scheme or army theme. Or use the form below. We'll get back to you shortly.

Name E-mail Army list, paint scheme Submit

quote request form

You can also use this detailed form to give us a more detailed view on the army you want to order. We will get back to you with a quote.

WORK at Neon forge studio

Neon Forge Studio is currently hiring. We're looking for motivated people to do assembly and painting jobs at all levels.
Email us with your portfolio examples. Warsaw, Poland only.